Mexican Tunnel

Mexican police say they may have come across a possible drug tunnel near the Tijuana airport. Several reports say Mexican federal agents stumbled upon the tunnel this morning, and found a large amount of drugs inside. No further details have been released.


Iraq is gaining ground in an effort to seize Mosul from ISIS. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi [[ HEYE-dair al-ah-BAH-dee ]] said today Iraqi and Kurdish forces are advancing on the northern city much faster than expected, although the terrorist group denied the claims. A U.S.-led coalition is providing air and ground support to the Iraqi operation that began on Monday. The Pentagon confirmed today that a U.S. military was killed in Northern Iraq.

Harley-Davidson laying off

Roughly 225 salaried employees at Harley-Davidson will be laid off by the end of the year due to cost cutting. The motorcycle manufacturer says the jobs of 70 contractors will also be cut, but specifics on where those people are currently working are not being released. Harley-Davidson’s third quarter results showed an 18-point-seven-percent drop in profit to 114-point-one-million dollars from 140-point-three million last year.

Trump on allegations

Donald Trump is denouncing the latest allegations about him. Campaigning in Florida, the Republican described the claims in the “New York Times” as fictional, preposterous lies and false smears. Trump said he has the evidence to disprove the allegations and will release it at an appropriate time. He said the accusations are part of an “orchestrated attack” by the “Clinton machine” and their media allies.

Clinton on Trump

Hillary Clinton is stepping up her attacks on Donald Trump following the latest claims of his inappropriate advances toward women. At a fundraiser in San Francisco, Clinton said there’s hardly any part of America that Donald Trump hasn’t targeted. The Democrat said the whole world has heard Trump brag about how he mistreats women. She joked it’s enough to make people want to turn off the internet or just look at cat videos.

Matthew on the move

Hurricane Matthew continues to move up the Florida cost with winds of up to 107 miles an hour reported at Cape Canaveral.

Three people in Florida are dead from the storm – two in St. Lucie County and one in Volusia County.

Next up for Matthew is Jacksonville then the storm moves to Georgia and South Carolina where states of emergency are in effect.

Miami airport officials say they may be able to resume flights by this evening.

Reports of price gouging post-Matthew

Price gouging is being reported in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

WBBH-TV reports 1,800 Floridians have already filed price gouging complaints and of those, three are from Charlotte County.

The state’s price gouging law forbids exorbitant price hikes on essential items like food and water during times when the area is under a state of emergency.

Call 1-866-9-NO-SCAM if you suspect you’re a victim of price gouging.

Coal Theft

The Zerbe Township Police are saying more than 3 thousand tons of coal was stolen from one coal company to another. It was a pretty big price tag for that coal-69 grand. The owner of the Four Vein Coal Company, Luke Shingara, was charged with the theft. They took place from January 2013 through May of 2013, police said. Shingara was charged with four felony counts which included, theft, receiving stolen property, and two counts of criminal conspiracy.

Sunbury Nat guard

The State Dept of General Services announced that those who are interested in placing a big on the Sunbury National Guard Armory, may do so between now and 3 pm on December 6th. The minimum offering bid is 135 thousand dollars, because the historical restrictions have been eliminated. It’s on 10 acres of land, and has been up for sale since 2008.

Charlotte video seen by family

An attorney for the family of the man killed by police in Charlotte says the family has seen the video of his killing. Earlier yesterday, the chief of police in Charlotte remarked that the video doesn’t appear to show Scott pointing a weapon during his encounter with police. However, Chief Kerr Putney also said the video supports the police account of Scott’s shooting.