Coal Theft

The Zerbe Township Police are saying more than 3 thousand tons of coal was stolen from one coal company to another. It was a pretty big price tag for that coal-69 grand. The owner of the Four Vein Coal Company, Luke Shingara, was charged with the theft. They took place from January 2013 through May of 2013, police said. Shingara was charged with four felony counts which included, theft, receiving stolen property, and two counts of criminal conspiracy.

Sunbury Nat guard

The State Dept of General Services announced that those who are interested in placing a big on the Sunbury National Guard Armory, may do so between now and 3 pm on December 6th. The minimum offering bid is 135 thousand dollars, because the historical restrictions have been eliminated. It’s on 10 acres of land, and has been up for sale since 2008.

Charlotte video seen by family

An attorney for the family of the man killed by police in Charlotte says the family has seen the video of his killing. Earlier yesterday, the chief of police in Charlotte remarked that the video doesn’t appear to show Scott pointing a weapon during his encounter with police. However, Chief Kerr Putney also said the video supports the police account of Scott’s shooting.

Tulsa Officer charged

The Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer involved in the deadly shooting of an unarmed black man is being charged. Tulsa County District Attorney Stephen Kunzweiler today said Officer Betty Shelby is being charged with manslaughter in the first-degree in the death of Terence Crutcher. Crutcher was shot beside his vehicle in the middle of a road last week. A court filing says Officer Shelby became “emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted.”

Approved surgery

Buffalo teachers will continue to have plastic surgeries covered under their union contract. An arbitrator upheld Tuesday, the cosmetic surgery rider in the contract, ruling the Buffalo School District didn’t have the authority to change the contract without negotiations. The school board had tried to cut the rider from its contract in a budget cutting move.

Increased speed limit

It’s ok to press your gas pedal a bit more through a section of Route 22/322 in Mifflin County.
PENNDot has increased the speed limit from 55 miles per hour, to 65 miles per hour from Business 22 interchange east of Lewistown to Juniata county Line. PennDOT made the change after completing a speed study in the area. The new speed limit is posted and is now legally enforceable. PennDOT reminds motorists to obey posted speed limits and to always buckle up.

Sunbury Police Dept

The Sunbury Police Department is focusing more on investigations nowk according to Sunbury Mayor David Persing and Administrative Police Chief Tim Miller. The two gentlemen spoke earlier this week and promoted officer Steve Bennick to Captain, meaning, the 22 yr law enforcement officer and former presidential detail officer and Army vet will now be in charge of daily duties. Chief Miller will continue to update the department’s policies and procedures. Former Officer Scott Hause was fired nearly two weeks ago after an undisclosed incident involving the use of a Taser gun. Persing did say that Hause is appealing the decision to end his employment, but would not discuss it any further.

HFOT day

This Saturday, Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a non-profit organization, needs your help! They are building a fully-handicapped-accessible home in Mill Hall for a local Marine veteran with ALS. HFOT is having a volunteer landscaping day, in which the community is invited to help lay sod, spread mulch, and plant flowers at the site. The Volunteer Landscaping Day, is for home being built for Lance Corporal Timothy Dobos by Homes For Our Troops. Join HFOT this Saturday, at 10am, at 26 N. Parsons Drive in Mill Hall. Pre-register at

Heat Wave

Pennsylvanians are urged to pay close attention to weather forecasts due to the current heat wave. Experts advise everyone to take common sense precautions to avoid serious health problems. State Secretary of Aging,Teresa Osborne, cautions that high heat and humidity can cause problems for the elderly in particular because they are more likely to have chronic conditions. Governor Tom Wolf says with an extended period of hot and humid weather, people need to keep an eye on loved ones, elderly neighbors and pets as well.

Story of Hope to the prom

Now, here’s a story of hope. Tami Sessions watched with tears in her eyes as her 19-year-old son, dressed to the nines in a tux and a date by his side, crossed the stage for the prom walk at the Shamokin Area High School on May 13. Matthew Sessions was born premature with cerebral palsy caused by an intraventricular hemorrhage of the brain. The teenager, who can only communicate with an iPad program, is developmentally challenged and usually confined to a wheelchair, but on that day, he and his date walked across the stage with the assistance of a gait trainer. Matthew used his iPad communication program Prloquo2Go to ask Youells to the prom in front of the whole class and she happily accepted. Matthew then practiced for weeks to get stronger on the walker to surprise his mother and grandparents, who had never seen him walk before.