Cocoa Kids

The Hot Chocolate Kid, otherwise known as the Cocoa Kid and his brother were raising money Saturday afternoon to supply clean water for those who need it. Issac and Liam Martin raised 916 dollars and fifteen cents by selling hot chocolate, lemonade, home-made brownies, cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels in front of their home in West Milton.
According to The Daily Item, the family belongs to the Community Mennonite Fellowship, and the organization runs an annual fundraiser for less fortunate families in under-developed countries. The Cocoa Kids did an awesome job!

A Fire at Mifflinburg Home

Yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out at a Mifflinburg home, and by the time firefighters reached the residence, flames were shooting out of the back of the house. The Daily Item is reporting that it’s believed the fire started in the laundry room. The house on 4805 Pleasant Grove Road is a total loss, and the couple living there will have to be staying with family members who live closeby.

911 merges

In June, Montour County’s 911 center will be merging with Columbia County’s 911 center. The Daily Item reports that commissioners are hoping to mail packets to residents about address changed in four waves. This was the disussion hosted by Cooper Township on Tuesday night. The address changes are going to happen in June with the merging of the two call centers, and it’s the first of its kind in Pennsylvania. Many things were discussed at the meeting, including volunteers needed for tire recycling and where to take electronics to be recylced.

Melvin the Ram Survives

The barn roof that caved in over the weekend, due to the heavy snow, was a huge loss for the family. The roof in Union County collapsed and they lost several barn animals. Something amazing happend though yesterday. Melvin the ram, who they thought had passed away, was alive! They couldn’t get to him and had to call in an excavating company to help. WNEP TV reports that Melvin had a beam just above him, which protected him when the roof collapsed.

Mc Cain Throws Rocks At Paul

Senator, John McCain accused Senator, Rand Paul of “working for Vladimir Putin” on the Senate floor. Some say the Arizona republican may have crossed the line when it comes to name calling on the floor. McCain’s comments came after Paul objected to a resolution, that would allow Montenegro to join the NATO alliance. McCain responded by lobbing accusations at his fellow GOP senator multiple times, both before and after Paul objected to the vote, though the Kentucky senator did not add additional defense.

Air Strike In The Middle East

Israeli jets struck several targets inside Syria, hitting weapons shipments they say were headed for Hezbollah. Israel rarely acknowledges these kinds of strikes, making Friday’s statement very unusual.

Uh, No.

The speaker of the House, the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman and the ranking Democrat on the committee said Thursday that they’ve seen no evidence of President Donald Trump’s accusation that he was wiretapped last year by his predecessor. The statement from the leaders marks the clearest and strongest push back of Trump’s allegations since the President first made them two weeks ago.

Judicial Bipartisanship Touted

Pennsylvania senators, Bob Casey and Pat Toomey say they will continue their bipartisan judicial agreement to appoint individuals who demonstrate the intelligence, experience and character to serve the state well on the federal bench. The senators said to reporters they have already succeeded in filling 14 vacancies on federal district courts in Pennsylvania. Steve Kelly, of Toomey’s communications staff, said that over the past six years, all 14 of the Toomey/Casey-backed judicial nominees, who received a confirmation vote from the entire Senate, were confirmed.

Bond Discussed

In Wright Township, the Crestwood School Board announced an intent to issue $4.5 million in bonds, to finance capital improvements and prospective renovations to the district’s elementary schools. With the decision, board President, William Jones says the board is awaiting a report on “The Hunt Study,” which commenced in November 2016…it’s an inspection of Crestwood’s buildings by structural experts.

Hero Honored

The Harrisburg community remembers a fallen firefighter today. Fire Lt. Dennis DeVoe was killed responding to a hoverboard fire last week. Police say the driver that struck his vehicle while en route was intoxicated. Volunteers from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services and the firefighting community came together Thursday to make sure the city is ready to honor the fallen hero. The funeral procession goes throughout much of Harrisburg. It will pass the Capitol before a firefighter service inside the forum auditorium.